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Our approach to making theatre, which we call devised theatre, involves using a range of improvisation games as well as exercises and techniques in order to stimulate original ideas and create material. This approach to creating a show is proving to be of great interest to the business sector, as the methods that we use in the rehearsal room can also be applied in the workplace and used to encourage creative thinking.

We have been trialling a range of exercises and games adapted from our repertoire for our partners at PR company 72Point (part of South West News Agency). These sessions were designed for 72Point’s busy creative team who are pitching marketing ideas to a huge range of clients (including supermarkets, WeightWatchers, SkyTV, Ladbrokes, Long Tall Sally, Talk Radio and many many more) on a superfast turnaround. We were interested to see how our methods could help stimulate and develop their thinking processes further. In what ways might our approach, with some adaptations, help these creatives take their thinking off in new and different directions to generate ideas and material.

These initial exploratory sessions are developing out into a training day that we will run in collaboration with 72 Point to be launched in autumn 2016. FFI please contact Kim Lawrence

Here’s what happened on a recent Peepolykus Away Day run by John (that’s him, running around the office). Only joking. Or are we….?! (PS you might spot a few well known faces.)

And here’s what happens when things go wrong for us. On stage. Live. In the West End. During Hound of the Baskervilles when the theatre roof leaked! And how we improvise, or think creatively, when we’re put on the spot:


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