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    We’ve been trialling a number of different workshops as we develop our improvisation skills series for businesses, individuals and teachers and we’d like to get your thoughts

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What We Do

Peepolykus is one of the UK’s most exciting theatre companies whose sublimely ridiculous style of anarchic comedy has been compared to The Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton and Monty Python. We are also educators working with schools, universities and businesses; directors working with the likes of Paul Merton and La Neve Bete; writers for radio and TV; physical comedy practitioners and workshop facilitators.



Here’s lots of different resources for you to enjoy, including films of some of our tours to places like Iran and Bangladesh and shorter clips of some of our most loved and most stupid physical routines. Lots more to come from the archive as we uncover all sorts of dusty old video and cassette tapes!

Please check back here for new resources for students and teachers that we are putting together now.

You can also listen to some of our radio stuff on our Soundcloud page – including our work with the late great Rik Mayall and our recent Radio 4 shows – by pressing the button below:


“Word of mouth has been so strong for Baskervilles that the Cincinatti Shakespeare Company has added Saturday matinees to accommodate audience demand for tickets” City Beat, Cincinatti

“…..Baskervilles is instantly funny and stays that way. It owes as much to Monty Python’s Flying Circus as it does to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” Weekly Volcano, Washington State.

Rights for two of our shows – Hound of the Baskervilles and the Massive Tragedy of Madame Bovary – are available for UK and international runs. Please see the information below on our full range of productions. If you would like to make an enquiry clicking here will take you direct to the website of Eleanor Lloyd Productions (ELP) who deal with all our licensing in the UK and abroad. You can also email Tom Powis at ELP here

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Workshops and More Workshops!

We’ve been trialling a number of different workshops as we continue to develop our improvisation skills series for businesses, individuals, teachers and young people. We’ve worked with individuals and groups from publishing, medical sales, illustration, healing and most recently a group of entrepreneurs from the amazing Futurespace. We’re so excited to see how our training – which we have used in our theatre work for over 20 years – can help people become more confident, more resilient and better communicators.

We are continually adding to the series, often based on feedback we get. Two recent additions are How to Make Your Workplace Happy and Pitching With Confidence. An issue our Education Manager Kim has been coming across in her research with women creatives and professionals is how common it is to experience a confidence dive when encountering ‘high status’ people. Here’s a few examples – walking into a meeting room full of very ‘powerful’ looking men aka The Wall of Suits; pitching an idea to someone with a particular tone of voice (often authoritarian) suggesting a ‘higher’ (or ‘better’) class and background.


We’re going to trial a couple of workshops in the autumn aimed specifically at addressing this with the working title PLAYING GAMES IN THE LIONS DEN. It will be free to take part, and you can register by emailing Kim Lawrence with your details.

You can also help us develop the workshop by sending in your experience of a Status Dive. We’d like to know:

What happened
How it made you feel
What you did – or didn’t do, or didn’t feel able to do – to change or shift the situation to a more ‘balanced’ or neutral status position.

Please email Kim with your responses. Or on the Linkedin here Or call 07779 729644. We’d love to hear from you. You can see our full range of workshops over at our sister company Business Improvers here

Help! Get me Out of this Musical

This is the fabulous new show from Youth Music Theatre UK featuring some of the UK’s most talented young performers. Its at Southhill Park Arts Centre in Bracknell from August 10th – 12th. Peepolykus’ Mr John Nicholson has written it with music composed by Peepolykus friend and collaborator Alexander Rudd. Its going to be brilliant so get your tickets quick. More info here


Education Programme & General Enquiries

Contact: Education Manager Kim Lawrence
Email: kim@peepolykus.co.uk
Tel: 0117 908 2423 / 07779 729 644

Business Improvers Training Programme

Contact: Mick Dickinson
Email: mick@bizimp.co.uk

Licensing & Touring

Contact: Producer Eleanor Lloyd
Email: eleanor@elproductions.co.uk
Website: www.elproductions.co.uk

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